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star Tara Wallace accidentally revealed her baby's gender today when she stopped by ESSENCE Live.

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And at least Wallace has the support of her social media followers as she tries to extricate herself from Gunz's control.

Tara Wallace has worked long and hard to get over her relationship with Gunz.

She has two kids and more than a decade invested in this man, and for a lot of this season it seemed like all she would have to do is say the word and Gunz would be back, living with her and their kids.

When she did not, then Gunz went into overdrive trying to save his current marriage to Amina Buddafly. She started off as a side chick and somehow Gunz ended up marrying her while still playing house with Wallace.

Buddafly finally realized she would always be his second choice and appeared to end things with Gunz.


  1. Jun 30, 2016. Love & Hip Hop's Tara Wallace & Peter Gunz were spotted out on a date together while Amina Buddafly is at home 9 months pregnant. This can't be real!

  2. Jul 3, 2017. Taranasha Wallace, aka Tara Wallace is best known for her appearance in the television reality show “Love & Hip Hop New York”. television based reality show follows the day-to-day life of women who are either themselves hip-hop artists dating someone or are married to or dating hip-hop artists stars.

  3. Jun 16, 2016. https// Love & Hip Hop New York is not on the air right now, but they must be gearing up because Amina Buddafly looks to be in full "F**k a Tara Wallace" mode.

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