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Things know dating russian girl

); when welcoming the girl and shaking hands, look straight in her eyes - it will show your openness and sincere intentions. Be creative - invent something that will undoubtedly be interest to your girl.

Meet in a place, where you could leisurely and thoroughly talk to each other and find out all the questions. It’s important to dress appropriately: this means that you should put on quite stylish, but not flashy.

For this reason, meeting with a Russian lady, you should control the entire organization of your joint evening.

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In this regard, a Russian lady will not pamper her son as mothers in other societies do.

Once you’ve caught the basic aspirations of Russian women, we propose to focus on the key steps that need to be taken when you’re taking care of them.

Coming on a date for the first time, do not kiss a girl on the cheek!

It is no secret that foreign women always compare guys with men of her native country. Of course, some bad habits of Russian men cause aversion (alcoholism, all kinds of violence).

And yet Russian guys have a lot of wonderful character traits (generosity, thoughtfulness, including a broad and strong nature).


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