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Intercultural dating

Technological advances in transportation and communication had an impact on Western cultures between the wars.

One of the most important inventions was the Marconi discovery of wireless radio waves.

In reference to sociology, multiculturalism is the end state of either a natural or artificial process (e.g.

legally controlled immigration) and occurs on either a large national scale or a smaller scale within a nation's communities.

Multiculturalism as a political philosophy involves ideologies and policies which vary widely, ranging from the advocacy of equal respect to the various cultures in a society, to policies of promoting the maintenance of cultural diversity, to policies in which people of various ethnic and religious groups are addressed by the authorities as defined by the group to which they belong.

The Monument to Multiculturalism by Francesco Perilli in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Four identical sculptures are located in Buffalo City, South Africa; Changchun, China; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Sydney, Australia.

It is within this context which the term is most commonly understood and the broadness and scope of the definition, as well as its practical use, has been the subject of serious debate.

Most debates over multiculturalism center around whether or not multiculturalism is the appropriate way to deal with diversity and immigrant integration.


  1. Page 1 2. Welcome to the not so glamorous world of intercultural dating. While opposites do not always attract, when they do, their differences often tear them apart.

  2. Don't be surprised to find yourself dating someone from a new country and culture after moving to Taiwan. What should you expect?

  3. I started Angela's Bangalore from my hotel room on the very first day I moved to India in 2011, while struck with jet lag! It was my very first

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