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Leonardo's awareness of his mother's Jewish ethnicity would be another factor in the explanation of the iconoclasm expressed surreptitiously through his art, as Father Franco Bontempi pointed out in HHF Newsletter74.

In light of Professor Bruschi's revelations about the circumstances of Leonardo's birth it is timely to review and update the research by "Don Franco." Don Franco's thesis was that Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), a rationalist at heart, turned from Christian dogma during the latter part of his life.

What is intriguing about Professor Bruschi's disclosures is that his mother was likely to have been a Jewess, and "actually a sort of a slave." Bruschi's statement that Jews from Russia were common among the domestic or rural workers of Tuscany, and that their status approached that of slaves, deserves looking into.

A new aspect of the Judaic heritage remains to be researched and documented.

Leonardo gave cryptic expression through his art to the acceptance of free will as expressed by Judaic and other philosophers.

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Leonardo was not uniquely iconoclastic; he reflected the current of humanism and rationalism that was gingerly surfacing in the Renaissance.

To flaunt such views publicly would be to invite the tortures so exquisitely applied by the Inquisitors.

It is necessary, therefore, to interpolate the metaphors and symbolism of Leonardo's latter works within the existing conditions in order to fathom the Leonardo's intent.

In 321 Arius was deposed and excommunicated by a synod of bishops at Alexandria.

His influence, however, had spread so wide that in 323 Eusebius, Bishop of Nicodemia and Patriarch of Constantinople, convened another synod in Bythnia, Asia Minor.


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