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Dating profiles for esl

To encourage students to reflect on their own online identities, as well as the ways in which they shift their self-presentations based on their perceptions of audience and genre.

Perhaps more so than any other piece of writing, and even more so than my students' facebook pages, the self-summaries presented in online dating profiles are fundamentally arguments of ethos.

You'll then play match-maker, deciding amongst four candidates who would make the best match with your bachelor or bachelorette.

To encourage students to think about audience, you might give them different audiences for which to compose these summaries. The site requires that you create an account in order to search for users, but the account is free, requiring nothing more than an email address.

For example, how would they summaraize themselves on a job application versus a student-body election? So, if you would prefer to find example profiles on your own, you'll need to open an account.

Should you seek out sample profiles to excerpt, here are my suggestions: There is, perhaps, no clearer instance of an argument based on character than online dating profiles.

Each person's profile essentially makes the argument that "you should date me because of who I am." On the free online dating site Ok Cupid, users are asked to write a "self-summary" which is the first thing people see when visiting their profile.


  1. Apr 12, 2012. Dating Game. This is a great activity for getting students talking. I have used it successfully with many different levels and age groups and have found that it is very effective at motivating teenagers to talk. It is particularly useful for practising describing appearance, character and interests. Preparation

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