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Dating peter pan ivorian dating site

That is why it may be advantageous to discuss the pros of cons of dating Peter Pan men versus how to identify guys that are like this.

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For every Peter Pan type of guy, remember Wendy does grow up, leaving Neverland and Peter behind.

The Peter Pan guy is a fun boyfriend in college, but he’ll pale in comparison to a hard-working, determined guy in the real world. Women want and do earn their own living these days.

Don’t confuse women wanting a sugar daddy, for women wanting a real MAN. Remember Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl in He is the lovable slacker while she is the ambitious career woman.

He will tell you everything you have to do to make out fine with his mother someday. The following are some potential deal-breakers that you may find out once you start dating a Peter Pan man. At times he might even creep close to making you feel like you are being friend zoned by him. For girls in their teens and twenties, it may be too early to be worrying about whether are not you are dating a peter pan man.

Not having a 5 year plan is a deal breaker for some girls who want things to move forward in their life faster. However, if you feel strongly against his Peter Pan man-ness, then I suggest .


  1. DATING PETER PAN WOULD INCLUDE • You help him lead the Lost Boys • But you’re also like a mother to them • Lots of kissing • Heated arguments • But him passionately kissing you during a rant and you.

  2. Peter Pan is the protagonist of the Disney movie with the same name and is the love interest of Wendy. He is a boy, who lives in Neverland, and, "never grows up".

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