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The premise was simple: For a day, we removed all the profile pictures on the site.

Users howled — site traffic dropped more than 80 percent that day.

The Guardian warns that these sites have created a “throwaway dating culture.” This is silly.

People have always sought out casual sex — flings are key plot points in “Pride and Prejudice” (1813) and “The Fires of Autumn” (1942).

Although there are no comprehensive numbers, executives with other sites report similarly low levels of abuse.

Additionally, dating sites have taken steps to respond to concerns.

In fact, online dating has made it easier for those seeking long-term commitments to find each other.

Experts say that one-third of recent marriages in the United States started online.

Those couples tend to be happier, too, research suggests.

It’s very deliberate — after all, you’re looking for a partner through an interface — and that creates a safer environment. This premise is so well-worn that sites like Tinder, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel offer little information about users beyond a collection of pictures and a two-line profile.

“Online services enable a downright Seinfeld-ian level of superficial nitpickiness,” one Fortune article lamented.


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