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The forms taken by phonemes and words vary greatlyfromcitationforms. Question and answer Example: Students hear: “How long did it take you to get here?

There is nothing like the standardized spelling systemofreading.

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Timeconstrained: Theinputisnotunderthecontrolofthe listener Transitory: Notexttoreferbackto. Thelistenerhasto carryforwardarecallofwhathasbeensaidinhis/her mind. Oral: Theinputcontainsfeatureswhichreflecttheway speechisproduced (from. The words are then combined into sentences and the listener works out the meaning. After she eats lunch at noon, she has English class at 1: 00 p. Can follow extended speechevenwhenitisnotclearlystructuredandwhenrelationships areonlyimpliedandnotsignaledexplicitly. Canunderstandthemainpointsofclearstandardspeechonfamiliar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure etc. B 2 Can understandard spoken language, live or broadcast, on both familiar and unfamiliar topics normally encountered in personal, social, academic or vocational life.

To this will be added recognition of features such as intonation and so on, until we finally reach the non-linguistic content. Only extreme background noise, inadequate discourse structure and/or idiomatic usageinfluencestheabilitytounderstand. Chronologically arranged DESCRIPTION to describe a particular person, place or thing in detail.

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ASSESSINGSKILLS: LISTENING: purposes andtechniques • the nature of listening • things that make listening difficult • understand the purpose of teaching and testing listening • test formats and types of listening tests GLOSSARY Bottomup describesaprocessthatbuildssmallerunitsintolargerones (syllablesintowordsandwordsintophrases) Topdown Strictlyspeaking, describesaviewoflisteningasaprocessthat useslargerunitsinordertoidentifysmallerones(e. wordlevel informationtorecognizephonemes) Input thespeechthatreachesalistener’sear: sometimesassumedto beacousticinform, sometimesassumedtohavebeenanalyzed bythelistenerintophonemes Reduction the way in which words may become reduced in length and reshapediftheydonothaveaprominentroleorintonationgroup Redundancy naturalrepetitivenessofspeech, wherespeakersoftenreiterate orrephraseinformationtheyhavealreadygiven GLOSSARY Phonemevariation thewayinwhichthesoundsofalanguagevaryaccordingtothe soundsthatadjointhem, thetypeofspeechandthespeaker Chunks smallgroupsofwordsthatcommonlyoccurtogether Schema acomplexknowledgestructureinthemindwhichgroupsall thatanindividualknowsabout, orassociateswith, aparticular concept Authenticrecordingswhichwerenotmadewithlanguagelearninginmind Elision missingoutasoundinordertomakeawordortwoadjoining wordseasiertoproduce Interactivelistening situationwherealistenerhastorespondtothespeaker Workingmemory acomponentofmemorywhichholdsshortterminformationand worksuponit. Fieldpresentation) speechperception wordrecognition sentenceprocessing constructtheliteralmeaning ofthesentence holdtheinforamtion inshorttermmemory recognizecohesivedevices indiscourse infertheimpliedmeaningandintention predictwhatistobesaid decidehowto respond It sees comprehension as a matter of listeners first decoding the smallest elements of what they hear – the sounds. The second reading is at a slowed pace with pauses between phrases and students write. OVERALLLISTENINGCOMPREHENSION C 2 Has no difficulty in understanding any kind of spoken language, whetherliveorbroadcast, deliveredatfastnativespeed C 1 Can understand enough to follow extended speech on abstract and complex topics beyond his/her own field, though he/she may need to confirm occasional details, especially if the accent is unfamiliar.

Limitedinhowmuchitcanholdandtherefore howmuchattentioncanbeallocatedtoatask Extensivelistening apreliminaryhearingofarecording, toidentifythemainpoints Active: Thelistenerhastoremakethespeaker’sintended meaning. These sounds are then combined and the individual words are decoded. The third reading is again at normal speed and students check their answers. Communicative stimulus-response Students hear a longer conversation, story or lecture and then answer comprehension questions about it. Authentic listening tasks — Students listen to an actual news story or lecture (which can be found online at sites such as // Can recognize a wide range of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms, appreciating register shifts.


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  4. Activity in some cases e. g. EAP lecture; — more than one answer may be possible so this must be taken into account and will require rater training.

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