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“I’m here to meet someone,” said one partygoer who requested anonymity.“Let’s face it: It’s hard to find Jewish men who want to settle down.Doochin was inspired by the Jewish social scene that he left behind in Boston, like the monthly party “Gin & Jews” — a bar hangout described on its Facebook page (2,328 likes) as “the chosen hour.” “It was a great thing, to have community, people to hang out with, ways to meet each other. He worked on his concept with Tal Yeshanov, whom he met through programming at Congregation Emanu-El — a perfect match given Yeshanov’s experience organizing Second Saturday, a now-defunct Jewish singles mixer that took place monthly at the Cellar in San Francisco. I’ve had a lot of people say that the Federation and other established organizations haven’t been filling the need, and I think that’s why this has so organically grown into such a big community,” said Doochin.Though it’s only been around for a short time, Jewbilee is growing fast.A psychiatrist in his early 30s said he preferred the event to any dating apps.“In a space like this, everyone feels like they’re part of a group and so everyone has their guard down.

While most say they are seeking a romantic partner (or two), they no longer look to Jewish online dating apps or longstanding Jewish institutions to create the social scenarios. Enter Jewbilee, a grassroots social event started six months ago by two entrepreneurial brothers that meets at different alcohol-friendly locations in San Francisco.And I can’t remember the last time I’ve donned a neon wristband.Despite all this, here I am, sipping an expensive cocktail amid a sea of young Jews schmoozing around a dance floor.However, I come with questions: What is everyone doing here?Is this how young people in the Bay Area are meeting each other? And what about “marrying Jewish” — does that still feel relevant? In short, the answer to all that is: Yes, no and maybe.It’s a Saturday night and I find myself underground in a dimly lit room at the Hawthorn, a cocktail lounge in San Francisco’s Financial District, holding a whiskey in one hand and a pink neon glow stick in the other.The event I’ve just walked into is Jewbilee, proclaimed the “hottest monthly party for Jews in their 20s and 30s.” Jeremy Doochin, one of the organizers, has set his beer on the table between us so he can snap the glow stick around my wrist, turning it into a bracelet.They feel similar to that same mindset from Jewish camp, where the prized campers are the ones who meet at camp and got married and now have a plaque on the wall at the dining hall.There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not what I’m about right now,” said Marx.Even though she is adamant about only dating Jewish, she said, she still uses secular dating apps to find a Jewish partner.At the top of her profile, she clearly states her “Jewish only” interest.


  1. Sep 20, 2012. Read our features here. Find thought-provoking, relevant articles about issues affecting Jewish people. Keep up to date with current issues. Classic. Although we draw the line at Sex And The City 2. 3 What you look like is not important, and certainly not a deal-breaker, so stop fussing in front of the mirror.

  2. Mar 27, 2016. Hundreds of Jewish Singles Converge for Relationship Revolution 2. By Rabbi Yonah. His Appreciative Psychology approach urges people to displace this kind of self-talk of negative reinforcement to the periphery as they use place their strength and talents at the center of their conscious thought.

  3. SawYouAtSinai, Jewish dating service, encourages reference checking and provides helpful questions to ask references before dating for the Jewish singles. 2. Have you ever met his/her family? What is his relationship like with them? 3. Do some fact checking by asking if the information provided in his/her profile is.

  4. Oct 2, 2007. 2. Jewish Quality Singles. So what if only three people I know heard of this site prior to my asking about it? There were some decent-looking menschy types on the pages I clicked around on, so ya. I am sort of kind of BFFs with and rumored to be related to the or one of the masterminds behind this one.

  5. Feb 15, 2017. In the Bay Area, home of the startup, the proactive do-it-yourself energy is front and center in the Jewish dating world. Enter Jewbilee, a grassroots. Jewish events function as a kind of scaffolding, with the potential for building, for belonging, for home — and finding someone to share it with. While Jewbilee.

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